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Our Traditional Breads

We bake daily from our traditional recipes and you will find a wide range of breads, including our standard white tin 800g and 400g tin  style, 800g square steamed, and 800g and 400g traditional farmhouse, wholemeal tin loaves, round cobs, malted grain (granary style) tin and bloomer loaves, combicorn (multigrain) tin loaves and bloomers, milk bread tin loaves and fluted roll, crusty bloomer made with French flour.

Our fresh baked rolls include:
Soft white baps, finger rolls, and square soup rolls. Wholemeal baps, and round rolls, Combicorn baps, and round rolls
Malted grain 4oz torpedo, and round rolls, crusty French stick, mini French, and crusty rolls. Sizes and styles of bread and rolls can be adjusted should a customer require something a little different.We also make an 8lb wheat sheaf loaf to special order for harvest festivals.

Cakes & Pastries

From our cakes and pastries you can choose from a selection of freshly baked doughnuts, cream cakes, danish pasties and shortbreads along with much more including our special recipe plum loaf and fruit scones.
Savouries & Sandwiches
A large proportion of any modern bakery’s trade today is in take-away food, and we are no exception.
We provide a wide range of filled rolls, using all of the rolls listed , combined with a good selection of traditional favourite fillings, and a few more exotic ones for added choice.
We pride ourselves on being one of few sandwich producers to still use real butter on our rolls, and are able to offer our customers the ability to mix and match, or delete any filling to their taste.
Hot and cold drinks are available, as are chocolate confectionery, and crisps to round off the meal.

Alongside our savoury range of pastries, and pies, a rich variety of  small cakes and  confectionery are always available, and are changed or updated regularly

Special Celebration Cakes

Also offered are personalised celebration cakes to order, either in fruit cake, or plain white, pink, and chocolate Genoese sponge.

Along with traditional styled tiered wedding cakes, Square, round, numeral, and flat relief shapes are available, with sizes of square cakes available from six to eighteen inches, and round from six to sixteen inches.

Virtually any colour between black and white can be ordered, and we carry a selection of decorations to suit hobbies and interests for both sexes and for every age group. We are always happy to add a decoration provided by the customer if they so wish.

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